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Strategic Data Systems is a full-service IT provider.  Whether you need supplemental staff to see a project through, or you need leadership and guidance to assist with business-changing decisions, SDS has a full range of experts to see you through.

Professional Services

Staffing Solutions

Extend your existing team.

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If your organization has an Information technology staff, and is looking for a technology specialist, or passionate smart workers to round out your team, then explore our staffing options.

Agile Coaching

Software Development Process Improvement

Agile produces results.  Start coaching today.

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Agile Coaching

Agile software development practices deliver business value with each release and provide transparency to upper management in order to release quality software to the end customer.


Off-site Delivery

Let us build your projects in our development center

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Off-site Projects

Strategic Data Systems will build your vision in our Agile Development Center™.  We provide the staff and development tools and environments to work with your leadership team and deliver a successful product.


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Partner with us to implement your shopping cart.

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Do you want to be able to sell your goods from a website?  Let us implement your e-processing solution.  We also partner with Meridian Processing to allow you to process credit cards at reasonable rates!


Mobile Device Software

Extend your business with an app.

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Mobile Software

Will a mobile app make your employees more productive or allow you to reach new customers?  Let us show you how!


Microsoft Azure & Office 365

Let us demonstrate Microsoft cloud technologies.

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Explore our Cloud Services

Can your business benefit from hosting its information and services in the cloud?  Engage us to discover the possibilities.

Small & Medium Business Solutions

Put technology to work for you.

Learn how to work from anywhere, anytime.

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Small & Business Solutions

Small and Medium Business often need external assistance to understand information technology options  Engage us to:
  • Assist your executive team with an IT strategy
  • Vet a worker you wish to hire
  • Plan and execute your IT environment.

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Custom Application Development

We have been providing custom application development and professional services across a variety of fast-changing, demanding commercial markets since 1992. We deliver high-quality software, both on-site with your team, or off-site using flexible delivery models such as Scrum. We have experts in many technologies.

Cloud Enablement

Going to the cloud can drive your business to the next level. Are you considering migrating your applications to the cloud? With the right approach, your chosen cloud model can enable your business to operate more simply and efficiently without having to compromise on security, flexibility or functionality.

Mobile Application Development

Our Mobility practice has been active in the development of mobile applications since 2009. Whether you are on iOS, Android, or Windows, we can help. User groups and other technology forums frequently turn to us when looking for speakers and experts on the topic.

Professional Services

We have provided specialized consultants to more than 100 companies across multiple verticals. To make certain we meet your teams demands, we prefer to look only at candidates that have been recommended by our employees and partners. Maybe someone they have worked with previously or know from the IT community. Then each candidate proceeds through a three-step hiring process which includes multiple interviews and practical tests to ensure that the candidate possesses the necessary technical and interpersonal skills.


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