We start with great people


Our Mission

Strategic Data Systems drives business success through technology.

We believe companies who can efficiently produce, process, find, and consume critical information when it is needed have a significant competitive advantage over those who cannot.

We believe information sharing among employees has great value and highly collaborative teams enhance individual performances.


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We make smart business decisions.

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I always go above and beyond for my customers.

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It is imperative to be transparent with our customers.

  • S mart.   We believe in making smart decisions and foster critical thinking skills in all employees.
  • D eliver.   We believe that our job is to over-deliver value driven results to our customers.
  • S traight Forward.   We believe honest, candid conversations build trust with our customers.
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Curiosity is a sign of passion.  We hire curious people.

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We find great opportunities for our staff.

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I build relationships with people around me.

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SDS is willing to run with a good idea.  Just ask!

  • C urious.   We believe that curious people show passion and tend to love what they do.
  • O pportunistic.   We take an opportunistic approach to solving our customers' problems by leveraging partners when the customer request is not within our core skills.
  • R elationships.   We believe that relationships are the core of our business.
  • E ntrepreneurial.   We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit, as those who never try achieve nothing.  We are willing to explore the merits of your new idea.
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Having a destination keeps the journey on track.

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Our teams achieve superior results.

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Learning never stops!

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I am good by myself;  I am great with my team!

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I always keep my customer's interest first.

  • V ision.   We believe that a strong vision gives employees direction and purpose.
  • A ttitude.   We believe a positive, can-do attitude advances the team as a whole.
  • L earning.   We believe that learning new skills is a life long pursuit.
  • U nited.   We believe that we are a team working as one.   The whole is stronger than the sum of the individuals.
  • E xcel.   We believe that we must deliver excellence with every customer encounter.


At Strategic Data Systems, we realize that our strength lies with our team of consultants and their abilities. So it should be no surprise that maintaining their knowledge and skills is a priority. As such, we will continue to invest in our people and stay focused on the technologies required to meet the demands of the market while exploring innovative technologies in preparation of future market demands.

We encourage our team to be strong members of the IT community whether by participating in local user groups, presenting at conferences, or sharing knowledge through appropriate industry publications.

Lastly, we will seek out and hire professionals who are passionate about technology.


Leadership Team

Steve Held

Vice President of Business Development

Steve is a seasoned business development professional with over 25 years of experience. Steve has worked in many different industries, always focusing on some aspect of technology delivery. He is actively involved in the software community at large, treated as a trusted advisor by SDS clients, and an advocate to our employees.


Phone: 937-619-0018 Email: steve.held@sds-consulting.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevemheld

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David Pledger

Managing Partner

David Pledger is co-owner and Managing Partner of Strategic Data Systems. David, an Electrical Systems Engineer and graduate of Wright State University, has both an engineering and computer science background. David worked on many Department of Defense projects early in his career, and eventually focused on database systems and programming. David is mainly responsible for finance, internal operations, and Human Resources at Strategic Data Systems. He is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and various industry groups. David says, “Our job is to do our very best for each customer while making a reasonable profit on each engagement.”


Phone: 937-619-0019 Blog: http://DavidPledger.blogspot.com Email: david.pledger@sds-consulting.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidwpledger Twitter: @dwpledger

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Keith Stafford

Managing Partner

Keith Stafford is co-owner and Managing Partner of Strategic Data Systems.  Keith, a Navy veteran and Northern Kentucky University graduate, has a variety of hands-on experience developing software and administering systems throughout his career. Keith is primarily responsible for relationship management with external customers and organizations for SDS.  He is involved with many external organizations, such as National Military Intelligence Association, the Information Technology Leadership Forum, and various boards and industry groups.  “Agile is in SDS’ DNA” according to Keith.


Phone: 937-619-0020 Email: keith.stafford@sds-consulting.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mkeithstafford


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