Company Culture

We're immensely proud of the entrepreneurial spirit that is embedded into our company culture. Embracing this spirit, our employees demonstrate their drive to continually learn, self-motivation and an inner passion for satisfying customer needs to ensure their success. Entrepreneurs are innovative, creative, committed, measured risk-takers with a spirit that cannot be curtailed.

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We believe in learning

SDS invests in each employee by providing an annual training budget to encourage employees to learn new technologies.  

With SDS, you can be in control of your career.

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We believe in having fun!

We encourage employees get to know one another both professionally and socially.  We have events that let you meet the other consultants so that you feel part of the team.

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Monthly Meet-ups

We have monthly meet-ups over happy hour to pass along company information and allow you to spend time with the other consultants who may be at a different client than you.

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We engage the User Community

You will find us at User Groups, Meet-ups, Give Camp, and other events that support the IT user community.

We believe in bettering the community at large whenever possible.  It is good for everybody.

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We Believe in AGILE!

We believe that all teams should work using an Agile framework, delivering value in short sprints.  If you don't know Agile now, you will when you join our team.

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We are Philanthropic

We believe in supporting our employees' philanthropic endeavors and fundraisers.

We participate in our vendor and customer events through direct employee time & support, donations, and prizes.

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Challenge Yourself

We ask all candidates to tackle a straight-forward programming challenge.  Our goal is to understand how you approach this problem, which is to add a simple, new feature to  a small piece of code.

How will you solve the problem?   Does the existing code work?  Do you refactor the solution, and is it worth the trouble?  Are there design patterns you can apply?   How do you prove your solution works?


Here is your chance to show us what can do!

I'm interested. Here is my resume!

If you like the thought of working for SDS, then go ahead and send us an unsolicited copy of your resume.   We would love to talk to you!


Common Skills Needed

  • Java

  • C#

  • Database

  • Java Script

  • Agile Coaches

  • PMI Certified Project Managers

  • QA/Testing

  • User Experience

  • Good Communicators

  • Curious People

  • Tinkerers

  • Learners

  • Thought Leaders

  • Team Builders

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Calculated Risk Takers

Job Openings

Look through our current job openings below.     You may also submit your resume directly not associated with any specific job opening.

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