Careers in IT Soar as Everything Moves On-line


Retail giant Macy’s just announced it was shuddering 100 stores, and Wal-Mart also plans to shut down 269 storeMacysLogos.  Brick and mortar stores in every market segment are closing as consumers turn to on-line outlets to make their daily purchases.

Walmawalmartrt’s plans are clear – they are moving on-line.  Wal-Mart announced plans to purchase e-commerce outlet for $3.3 Billion in order to compete on-line with Amazon.

Market wide, about 44,000 retail layoffs have been announced this year alone.   While this is terrible news for the retail worker, it great news for those with a career in Information Technology.

Internet of Things

On-line retail is just the tip of the iceberg.   Next in line is the Internet of Things (“IoT”).  Every device being made is now connected to the internet and streaming data. Nest Today, you can control your Nest thermostat, monitor your security system, start your car, and even look inside your refrigerator all from your smart phone miles away.    Estimates indicate that there may be as many as 26 Billion new devices connected to the internet by 2020.

Sensors and Big Data

Furthermore, seturbofannsors are being placed in everything.  Sensors stream mountains of data to large warehouses for analysis.   For example, a jet engine on a Boeing 747 generates 10 terabytes of information per engine for every 30 minutes of flight.

What do all these devices have in common?… SOFTWARE.   Software developers are now in demand in every segment of the market.


Now is a great time to be an IT professional.  The demand for Information Technology in every part of the economy will only continue to grow.  Salaries are up, and opportunities abound.   As they say… “Make hay while the sun shines.”   Now is the time to launch your career in IT.

Careers at Strategic Data Systems

We are experiencing the same demands for talented IT professionals throughout southwest Ohio.   Kroger, 5/3, and General Electric have all announced the need for hundreds of IT professionals IT Professionalto join their organization, and those are just the large organizations.   Small to mid-sized organizations are looking for talent as well.

We look for smart, passionate people to work at Strategic Data Systems.  Smart people like to work with other smart people.   We will give you the opportunity to work at a variety of clients under the SDS umbrella where you can bring your experience from other clients to benefit new clients.  We are a firm believer in agile development in all work we do.   We are currently hiring passionate developers at all levels.

Visit our Careers page, and take the challenge!