Are you security conscience?

Vishing! If “vishing” is a new word in your vocabulary, then you need to learn about it ASAP! Security attacks come from every direction.   I estimate that we have 3-5 weekly electronic attacks attempting to hijack our website using standard logins and passwords that many people forget to change.  These come from all over the…

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Ransomware attacks on Android phones

Perhaps you remember the WannyCry ransomware that recently encrypted hard drives around the globe.  For a small fee, you could have the key to free your data.    A like minded attack is now targeting Android devices, but rather than encrypt your data, it threatens to send everything on your phone to everybody on your contact…

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Could you be hacked?

There are several new tools available that make SQL Injection attacks possible from a smartphone for as little as $500.   Are you vulnerable? Katyusha Scanner, a new SQLi Vulnerability Scanner Available for $500 in the underground  

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