Slide Deck for Agile Work Quality: Test Driven Development and Unit Tests

Agile Work Quality:  TDD and Unit Tests

Strategic Data Systems principal consultant Keith Callis hosted a lunchtime session at the 2017 Day of Agile conference in Cincinnati about the impact of using Test Driven Development on  agile projects to substantially improve quality.

Day of Agile is a Cincinnati-based annual conference that attracts about 500 technologists from  southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky, and eastern Indiana.    The Day of Agile speaker and session list can be found at Day of Agile Website.

Keith’s topic was timely, as every company wants to do more with less and at lower costs.   Finding bugs early in the development cycle has been shown to substantially reduce the downstream maintenance costs.  Keith discussed ways to write automated tests so that software can be tested and continuously integrated.   Keith’s slide deck can be found on Slide Share.

Please visit the SDS website conference page if you would like to ask Keith Callis or Phil Japikse a question.   You can also call us at (937) 886-9405.   SDS provides lunch-and-learns and other opportunities for your organization to learn about these topics.