Agile Work Quality: TDD and Unit Tests

2017 Cincinnati Day of Agile

“Agile Work Quality:  TDD and Unit Tests”

The 2017 Day of Agile is quickly approaching.  As the Diamond Sponsor, Strategic Data Systems is hosting one of the lunch time sessions  We hope you will stop by our booth for a cup of gourmet coffee and then step into this session for some unique insight in developing quality software on agile teams.

In this session, you will learn how an agile environment produces working software.  Ideas about improving quality of code by using TDD (Test Driven Development).  Additional items to improve quality and help with future maintenance of software: unit tests, integration tests, and “eating your own dog food”.    This is an INTERMEDIATE level discussion.

Keith Callis will lead this session.   Keith, a Purdue graduate, is one of the most versatile software technicians in the greater Dayton/Cincinnati market and a key member of the Strategic Data Systems team.   We jokingly refer to Keith as our “Swiss army knife” because he will dig in and tackle any problem producing an elegant solution.   He has 30+ years industry experience.   Keith has been an agile practitioner for many years, and an expert developing with Test Driven Development and Unit Tests as a mechanism to vastly improve software quality.

We hope you will stop in!